Clock mini

The missing clock app in the Dock

The Dock Clock

The Dock on the Mac desktop is a convenient place to access apps and features that you’re likely to use every day, and the dock icons look gorgeous, especially on a retina display.

Wouldn't it be great if the dock icons can show even more information?

Clock mini would be a perfect choice:

  • A beautiful live clock running in the dock all the time
  • Click1 the clock icon for more

Timer in the Dock

Clock mini has a simple to use a timer which will send you an alert when the timer reaches zero. You can choose different alarm sounds, or let the dock to bounce repeatedly.

All in all, it is just a simple timer, no big deal.

However, you can fire a timer by just clicking the dock icon any time without switching from different workspaces or applications, which makes Clock mini a really handy timer utility when you were busy multitasking with lots of windows on the desktop.

World Clock

The timezone dashboard makes it possible for you to bring up all the clocks in different timezones around the world into one place.

You can apply different themes for different clocks in the dashboard, they look just beautiful in full screen.

Themes Library

We love our Mac, we love the dock, we need every icon in the dock to be beautiful, so we are super serious about the app icon, that's why we built themes library.

We are enjoying design new themes, we've even built an app helping us. However there are no scheduled plans for the updates of the themes library, good design takes time.

Please stay tuned :D

  1. Control-click or click and hold for dock menu

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